Shalonda Ingram

Black Medical Professional


Shalonda M. Ingram, M.S. is a PhD candidate at Meharry Medical College. Shalonda is a  native of Winston-Salem, NC where she also received her B.S. degree in Biology from Winston Salem State University, at the age of 19.  After graduating, Ms. Ingram worked in law for two years before deciding to pursue her M.S. degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from North Carolina Central University.  While at NCCU, Shalonda completed her thesis work on validating and implementing a high-throughput screening platform to assay approved chemotherapeutic drugs in inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) cell models. Through this project, she was able to establish a pharmacological profile of approved drugs which could be considered to repurpose their use specifically for IBC patients, contributing to two publications. Shalonda graduated from NCCU with high honors. Upon graduating, Ms. Ingram continued to work at NCCU, establishing pharmacological profiles for other types of cancers. In pursuit of further developing her professional scientific career, Shalonda decided to attain her PhD. Upon entering Meharry Medical College, Ms. Ingram decided to join Dr. Shawn Goodwin’s lab, where the regulation of dopamine transporter (DAT) is studied. Shalonda’s project focuses on the proteomic changes that are induced upon treatment of methamphetamine (METH) as well as changes in DAT protein interactions and DAT multimerization upon exposure to METH. Shalonda is the current president of the Graduate Student Association and Student Member-At-Large for the Pre-Alumni Association at Meharry Medical College.

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